Introducing... Elements and Artifacts

A little background info:

The idea for Elements & Artifacts started in the most unlikely of places: a strange melding of my own research into old folk and tribal customs of masks (and their belief in the magical properties of such) and my fascination with Kostnice, the bone church. I combined the two concepts into one painting, which I titled False Faces. The painting holds the essence of my research into both subjects as well as a nod to an old painting of mine from age eleven. To that I added nuances of artifact, tribe, mystery, femininity, power, and the element of fire. One can be both hidden yet visible, quiet yet strong. The end result is a lasting canvas snapshot which captures my state of mind during the time in which it was created.

Separately from this painting, which was created during late spring 2008, I was already a number of months into a reinvention of my jewelry style. I had gained an interest in further exploring stones and deities which had already been a part of my creative work but which had not quite been fleshed out to their full potential. At the same time I threw in the use of more than simply sterling silver, more than simply gemstones, more than simply one technique, and more than simply one theme or style. What still lacked, however, was a cohesive theme. That is, until my prolific ideas and my False Faces painting started to come together into one concept and I saw a series of patterns emerge.

I see both simple and complex mystery in life. History, elements, myths, legends, traditions and customs, old cultures, artistic movements, and spiritual and magical beliefs have all found their way into Elements & Artifacts.

The result of all of this, which feels like it has been a long time in coming due to a crazy and chaotic 2008, has been very rewarding and inspiring to me on a personal level. Yet through change and new creative endeavors, one thing always remains a constant with me: no matter the medium, I take no greater joy than from being able to share my work with others.


With this release I have sought to share a melange of work from my framework of categories: The Elements, The Seasons, Myths and Legends, Fanciful Oddities, Tokens and Traditions, Steam Queen, Victorian Grunge, and ARTifacts.

I have spanned everything from The Day of the Dead to the seasons, the Autumn months, Halloween, steampunk, deities, absinthe, and my very own art pendants. Over the course of the next year, I expect to delve deeper into these categories as well as explore new ones including Eleusis, elementals, Kostnice, the elements in relation to myths and legends, and more cultural traditions.


A preview: