Elements & Artifacts: Winter Collection I

Solstice Night
Sun, standstill in winter.

Morozko, or Father Frost, was sent to freeze the hated stepdaughter of an evil woman who forced her husband to leave her out in the cold to die. Though tempted to freeze her with his icy grip, Morozko saw her strength and stoicism and brought her a warm fur coat and downy quilts instead.

The personification of January.

It was damp in the mountain
Creeping down into caves
The wind gathered outside
I grew nervous and wanted to hide

How I want to feel fire
How this ice chills my bones
How I want to be free again
From the bend in the air again

With winter, sometimes comes sadness. A young girl is lost in a meadow. Ice, wind, cold, skin, darkness, cold, wind, sleep, cold, shiver, lie down.