Elements & Artifacts: Winter Collection II

The personification of December.

The first time I fell through I was scared
Taken away from the light that surrounded me
The chasm opened up and swallowed me

When I'm away my mother cries
When I'm lost the earth dies
She is in mourning
This is her warning
When I am gone the sun doesn't burn
She'll laugh no more 'till I return

I live the cycle of the year

Holle (Holda)
The maiden Holle, also known as Holda, is the ash girl; her face is half black with soot. She was destined to marry the King of Winter and Frost but was first tested with a riddle. Her cleverness shone. As crone, Holle was known as the wise woman, Old Mother Frost, who heralds the arrival of winter.

My tears are ice drops
My breath was warmed by your touch
My freezing sleep is death
I showed you too much

Rusalka represents a female ghost-demon and water nymph that lures handsome men to the cold, dark river floor to live with her.