Venus and Cupid

The holiday season really wiped out my stock of jewelry, so I have been busy making new jewelry designs—forty-five new ones, to be exact.

Since February is fast-approaching, I created a sub-series called Venus and Cupid, which centers on the myth of Venus, Cupid, and Psyche and the idea that love cannot live where there is no trust. Temple of Venus, Cupid's Flight, and Psyche's Kiss are a few examples.

I also have a smattering of new art pendants and various unique little numbers. Here are some of my favorites from this update:


Venus and Cupid - Cupid's Flight

Venus and Cupid - Ambrosia

Venus and Cupid - Amethystium

Venus and Cupid - Bound

Venus and Cupid - Temple of Venus

Venus and Cupid - The Three Roses

Bacchus' Tears

Of Dr. John Dee's Shew-Stone

Victorian Grunge - La Rose

Hera's Lily

Medusa I

Fleur de Lis II

Kostnice Sedlec I

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