The Eleusinian Mysteries collection is now live at Elements & Artifacts! The creative process for this was very intensive, and I cross-referenced my own knowledge of the Eleusinian Mysteries with that found in sources across the internet. In the end, I came up with a series of deities that, symbolically, have a place at Eleusis.

The Eleusinian Mysteries were initiation ceremonies held every year for the cult of Demeter and Persephone and were based at Eleusis in ancient Greece. Of all the mysteries celebrated in ancient times, these were held to be the ones of greatest importance.

The rites, ceremonies, and beliefs were kept secret, as initiation was believed to unite the worshipper with the gods and included promises of divine power and rewards in the afterlife.

The ceremony began in Athens with a purification and parade to the sea. The great procession of initiates then traveled to Eleusis, where the mysteries of the Gods and Goddesses were unveiled through the myth of Demeter and Persephone. The culmination of events took place in the Telesterion after passage into the Underworld. Secret and sacred objects were shown to the initiated, and the priestesses and Gods would all reveal a vision symbolizing life after death, renewal, and rebirth.

All of this collection can be found at Elements & Artifacts, but here are some favorites of mine:



Athena Glaukopis


Asphodel Fields


Parade to the Sea

The Nereids