A Little Lunacy - Peach Moon

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab and Black Phoenix Trading Post have released Peach Moon, the Lunacy full moon perfume oil and tee for December 2009. Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab offers you an olfactory experience like none other, and Black Phoenix Trading Post offers various and sundry treasures.

This was my first time doing Lunacy art for Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab! That's something I never, ever expected to say, and I thoroughly enjoyed working on this project. Here is what I created:

Smoke hangs on the stream,
The peach-trees shed bright leaves in the water,
Sound drifts in the evening haze

Dew-covered peach blossom, white tea, moonlit musk, night-blooming jasmine, ho wood, and chrysanthemum.

The tee and perfume oil are available for sale until November 5th, 2009.