Yule Jewelry Collection 2009

Support artists and creative craftspeople. Buy handmade this holiday season!

Elements & Artifacts is pleased to announce the final jewelry collection of the year: Yule! Glittering rubies, emeralds, and sapphires are featured in everything from silver bells to tinsel, with frosted silver branches and leaves, hellebores, snowberries, Yule queens, The Nutcracker, winter storms, northern lights, Winternights, and more. Enjoy!

A few quick details:

• If you want something that has been sold, please ask! Many items in my Yule update can be re-made without having to wait for new supplies, which means it is still very likely to get to you before December 25th.

• I am offering gift certificates by request, and rush shipping is available as we get closer to the bulk of the holidays. Priority Mail upgrades are available by convo at any time, and I am willing to do Express Mail overnight through to the final shipping day before Christmas. Please use your own discretion when selecting a shipping method as I cannot guarantee package arrivals for anything other than Overnight shipped by the morning of December 23rd.

• Custom orders and requests are always welcome. If it is past my November 15th holiday commissions deadline, I cannot guarantee arrival by Christmas, but in many cases it is still possible to get things in time. I will be quoting the turnaround time for custom work on a case-by-case basis.

• I have included many affordable stocking stuffer earrings in this update! As a fun bonus, the first ten Yule orders I receive will have a FREE pair of peppermint globe earrings added to their package!

To view all 90 items in this collection, go to elementsandartifacts.com!