Creative Blathering

• It took me two weeks, and I started two weeks later than I had planned, but I have finally finished outlining my creative projects for 2010.

I am constantly "collecting" ideas; some of them come to me in the middle of the night, or while on one of those maze-like Wikipedia journeys, while driving, watching TV, or at any other time. I usually jot the ideas down, make a sketch, or whatever is appropriate. But then I leave them. I always intuitively know, based off of the design or concept, what time of year I want to work on it, and I know when to come back to my notes to "retrieve" the ideas. By that point, I usually refine or embellish or adjust the initial idea in some way. It's as if the ideas percolate in my subconscious and at some point they can be developed into something I'm ready to share.

Imagine, though, all of these ideas collecting throughout the year. So I finally sat down, organized ALL of the ideas, did some extra research, figured out what techniques or lessons I am lacking, figured out the best time for me to do each jewelry update, figured out when/what I want to do in terms of art prints and paper goods. I made a list of additional goals such as re-creating my portfolio site, making a landing page for E & A, finding a second boutique to carry my work, marking dates for when the biggest gem faires are (so I can save up), and dipping my toe into selling at fairs and bazaars.

In terms of upcoming work, I'm strongly focused on wire-wrapping, but I will still always carry my other styles of jewelry. I also have an eye on working with PMC (precious metal clay) because I already have a plethora of ideas for things I could create, but that is a very ambitious undertaking in terms of supplies needed. What I am saying is, it is definitely next in my queue, but I am in no rush to get there. I want to really immerse myself in this wire work for a while because the ideas are bubbling forth at an overwhelming rate. :)

I still have a couple of things in the pipeline that I cannot divulge yet, but I will conform that the BPTP pendants are off, and out of my hands, and I have no idea when Ted is going to release them. Also, I am finally going to follow through with a collection that I researched and planned out in 2007. Yes, you read that right. Remember when I took almost an entire year off when I was pregnant and had carpal tunnel? I planned it all out then, and even made sketches, and I have 100% of the supplies for it. I just... never got around to it, but not for lack of excitement. It is now slated for Summer 2010 and WHOOEEEE I can't wait!

• Today, my 235' of sterling silver wire arrived, which means I can finally finish the last 6 of 21 new wire-wrap designs. I have more of Gail Kops' moon focals which are just as OOAK and breath-taking as the one before these. I also have some of the most stunning labradorite I have ever seen, and a magical periwinkle-plum shade of tanzanite, and I am so in love with matte silver right now that it is ridiculous.