Elements and Artifacts and Haiti

Just a few quick things while they're on my mind:

1. Thank you to every single one of you who purchased from Elements & Artifacts in the past couple of days. I had previously thought I could not do anything big (beyond some pocket change) for Haiti because of what I am putting into my upcoming charity collection.

However, because of the rush of orders I received this week, I am going to be able to skim off the top of the proceeds to make a personal donation to Doctors Without Borders.

2. I just found out that my husband's employer is going to match our donation.

3. Sales number 614-618 at Elements & Artifacts will go 100% to Doctors Without Borders, supply costs and all. It is okay if you prefer to make the donation yourself and send me the receipt, but keep in mind that if I do it, the donation will be matched. Please don't feel that your recent purchase is at all diminished by this final push for donation funds; I truly couldn't be making hardly any donation if not for the sales this week.

4. I will post a screencap of the donation receipt once I have the funds gathered.