This whimsical firefly pendant design was painstakingly sketched and prototyped until it was, to me, perfect. It is dedicated to my beautiful daughter, whose face lights up with wonder and magic every time she hears The Firefly Song. The wing design of this pendant is inspired in part by Cynthia of Green Girl Studios, whose pewter pendants have been a long-time standby in my own work, and by Sesame Street Episode 4165 which features The Firefly Song and has brought countless moments of joy to my daughter and, in turn, to me. This is but a commemoration of that magic.

Wire armatures, oxidized and hand-polished, have been set with a faceted lemonade citrine nugget, with accents of tanzanite, labradorite, and Swarovski crystal. A hint of iridescent celadon green shimmers on the membranous tissue wings.

(Please note that while diamond glaze is tough stuff, I do not recommend getting your firefly wet!)

Necklace measures 18" and is accented with AAA swirled step-cut prasiolite and tanzanite. Sterling silver wire and findings.