It is no secret that I think the world of my friends at Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab and Black Phoenix Trading Post. From another perspective, I adore the artistry and uniqueness of the offerings from those two companies.

Black Phoenix Trading Post is celebrating it's 5th Anniversary with a huge and exciting update with new BPAL-scented Villainess soaps, various and sundry bath oils, atmosphere sprays, pendants, and toddler tees. I'll take one of everything, please. ;)

I'm also excited to finally be able to share something I worked on late last year! Elements & Artifacts has created 75 pendants in 3 styles to be sold at Black Phoenix Trading Post! It was fun, intensive, and for a couple of weeks it overran my entire work space! Here are a few of my own snapshots:

Additionally, a logo I created for Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab has been added to the four new Alice in Wonderland toddler tees. I love the location of it, on the bottom of the back of the tee, and it reads Black Phoenix Imp Brigade. I just had to get some for Eve.

Happy Anniversary to BPTP, and may there be many more!