My Secret Admirer and Promo Contests are now over, and the winners have been selected.

I chose both winners by assigning a number to each entry as each one came in. I used to give me one winning number for each contest, and matched it up with the entry of the same number.

Congratulations to "iamsamth"! You have won the $30 gift certificate to Elements & Artifacts! You may use it anytime in 2010, and it can be applied to any order, whether it is ready-made or custom.

Congratulations to the winner of the Secret Admirer contest! In order to keep it confidential so that the person she nominated doesn't find out, I have notified the winner by email. The ruby heart earrings will hopefully bring a smile of joy to a secret someone.

I received a flood of entries to both contests, and the thoughtfulness of the entries and nominations was so touching. A lot of you have more friends than you know. :)

My spring equinox jewelry collection is underway, and I have some pieces in it that just may knock your socks off!