I'm on the run today, but I wanted to shoot off this quick bit of info. I have seen a number of tweets from Shira Lipkin aka shadesong of late about her Walk for Change fundraising for the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center. Being that she has been around the BPAL communities and doing this for a number of years, I have recognized her passion for this cause.

Because of my recent estimated tax payment, I'm broke as broke. However, I have announced that the next two sales at Elements & Artifacts will go 100% toward her fund. It's for a good cause. Spread the word! :)

On a related note, I want to hear what causes you are passionate about. It will help me as I try to figure out what my next charity auction/collection will be. I'm definitely eyeing RAINN, and I think I could do something really good with it. But I do want other ideas because I'm a planner, and I'd like to think things through to see what sort of inspiration comes to me. :)

ETA: Done! The first two sales made after the BARCC announcement above were donated to the First Giving page here. Good luck!