Bat's Day Labels and Art Nouveau Wanderings

I recently worked on a couple of last-minute art projects for Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab.

The first project is one that, more that anything else lately, shows off my long-standing interest in the Art Nouveau/fin de siécle aesthetic. My design thesis project, which I worked on throughout my final year in college, was centered on those movements and they, in turn, have slowly filtered into much of my creative work over the past decade; filigree swirls and curves and flowing shapes are often found in any form of visual art I create, whether it's design, art, or jewelry. Mucha and Beardsley? Yes, please. :)

The second project was to create the labels for the exclusive perfume oils that Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab offered at the Bat's Day Black Market on May 1, 2010. The fragrances are classic, and Beth tapped into each goth stereotype perfectly. My personal favorites are Gothabilly and Romanti.Goth but my tastes do run toward musks and resins anyway.

Here are the official perfume descriptions:

Highly caffeinated, profoundly sugared lemon-lime soda.

Black vanilla, Egyptian musk, Rožolj liqueur, and black cherries.

An effervescent combination of pink musk, white peach, wild strawberry, pale woods, iris, and raspberry leaf.

Black leather, tobacco absolute, rust, gritty musk, and machine oil.

Dark vintage musk enrobed in a velvet black swirl of plum, precious resins, opium tar, sweet incense, and Nepalese amber.

English rose, lilac, frankincense, violet leaf, French lavender, and wisteria encased in amber and splashed lightly with a ghastly garden herb tincture.

I got through those labels on caffeine and adrenaline. I haven't run a tight deadline like that in years! :)