Sneak Peek! Everything With Wings is Restless

I'm ramping up to release my Elements & Artifacts summer jewelry collection later this week!

For this collection, I chose to revisit a number of concepts from past summers. Since my themed collections also include various myths, symbols, and elements relating to each season, there are always things that I want to reinterpret—especially as I evolve my work to learn new materials and techniques.

I have learned three new wire/metal techniques for this collection including a cabochon setting experiment that turned out so much better than I anticipated. I also have a new winged piece that was sketched and designed at the time I released Luciernaga. The time didn't feel right to release it then. Since so much of my work is related to the ebb and flow of the seasons, I wanted to wait for the magic of Litha and Midsummer to be in the air. :)

I've been working on going back to the idea of history, artifacts, magic, and elements. To that end, a couple of element-based pieces:

Spirit of the Four Elements
To the elements it came from
Everything will return.
Our bodies to earth,
Our blood to water,
Heat to fire,
Breath to air.

Empedocles was a Greek philosopher who established the presence of four magical elements. These four elements were referred to as "roots" and were identified by the mythical names of Zeus, Hera, Nestis, and Aidoneus. Additionally, Aristotle added aether as the fifth element, the quintessence.


This piece is inspired by the magic of Litha, or Midsummer, and the energy and spirit that weaves its way through Brian Froud's Faerieworlds Festival. I was there many years ago when it began and it has been a hallmark of my summers for many years. I intend for this winged festoon to be a standing item in my shop, available for custom order in the palettes of the four elements; this one is water.

In the Garden of Proserpine

I created the above pair of earrings for myself so that I could get a new wire technique under my belt. The design is by Joanna Kun, and a slightly different pair like this will be in my summer update later this week.

The Ambre Lantern
It is there, luminous and elegant:
a beacon for lovers, a wind dancer,
a soft glow on the path of a lonely dreamer

I made these lantern earrings for the Etsy TeamBPAL design challenge. The theme was amber, and I plan to include these in my summer update. You can view all the gorgeous amber entries over at the TeamBPAL blog!