Old Midsummer

Today is Old Midsummer! I've put up a mini collection of color-changing Sunwheel earrings, oceanic larimar pieces, and flashy new Thunderclaps.

The Sunwheel disks in the earrings below were a fun find while vacationing on the Pacific Northwest coast. Of course, taking a week off from working didn't mean that I promised I wouldn't be drawn to glass-blowing studios, bead stores, lapidary studios, or Portland's Fossil Cartel. ;)

The new Thunderclap designs were a very organic process for me. I used the fundamentals taught by Earrings by Erin to create my own designs by using the knowledge I had gained about where and what wires are needed to secure a cabochon within a setting. I experimented with different shapes, swirls, and locations to come up with the designs in this post and the one prior to it. The crowned Thunderclaps were an exhilarating near-accident that resulted in a design that I plan to revisit and further embellish with other stones and other labradorites.

You may notice that one Thunderclap below never made it into Elements & Artifacts. I had to snag it for myself! :)

I hope you are all having a wonderful, fun summer! When I'm not chasing after my energetic toddler, I'm keeping busy with art projects and no less than three commissioned tattoo designs. When those wrap up, I'll be hard at work on the next jewelry collection. In the meantime, custom orders are always welcome, and never fear; I cleaned out one of my favorite labradorite suppliers so it's all here, waiting to be made into something pretty.

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