Sampling Dream Textures

I've been looking more closely at the PMC books I have here now that I have a kiln, and it's reminding me of the reason I was drawn to PMC in the first place: the possibilities are endless. Then, when you add in other materials the possibilities are exponential. Stones, of course! Enamel mixed with PMC and "melted" in a kiln? Absolutely fascinating.

Looking around Etsy at other PMC artists yields many common universal themes; everyone does leaves and vines or some form of natural symbols. But it seems to me that once a PMC artist gets going, that their own style really starts to shine through. That's where I want to go.

And so, I am reminded once again that it is a bad idea to read jewelry books and/or sketch out ideas right before bedtime. Last night, no matter where my dreams took me or what sort of adventure it was, I had a ball of clay in one hand that I was applying to EVERYTHING in order to capture a texture or shape in the clay. Yeah, I know.

Today I dug up a rather old tutorial which is the culprit for my initial interest in doing PMC. I decided that it would be fitting to give it a whirl as a personal starting point.