Back when I got my torch for soldering, I acted like it was a fire-breathing dragon that was ready to bite me even though, logically, I knew all the steps and precautions. I am okay with flaming balls of fire swinging just inches from my head when I fire dance, but a little pencil torch terrified me.

It's not as scary now, but I still refer to it as my fire-breathing dragon.

Today's adventure involved my new kiln. Even though I had been plotting and pricing kilns and PMC kits over the past few months, I was still saving $ to buy the supplies needed in one fell swoop. Then husband surprised me with a kiln and, as with any large purchase, I always feel it's prudent to make sure the item works before it's no longer able to be exchanged or returned.

I spent the past week staring at the kiln as if it were going to explode the moment I touched it. ;)

Kiln wash, check.
Elements seated, check.
Fire-proof surface, check.
No overloaded power plug, check.
Ventilation, check.
Fiber blanket with fully dried PMC pendants, check.

And it worked! And the kiln didn't blow up! And I didn't burn the house down!

I'm really happy with how my "throw-away" test pieces came out, because it turns out they don't have to be thrown away at all. One of them will make an appearance in the next TeamBPAL challenge which will benefit a charity that is helping the animals on the Gulf Coast.

I've also decided that from here on out I will be leaving a signature mark on my metal clay work. I think I'm going to go with "A" for Alicia and a star symbol for stardust. A-star! Whatcha think? XD