Autumn 2010 is here!

The Elements & Artifacts Autumn 2010 collection is up!

Autumn is absolutely my most favorite time of year. I love the colors and smells. I love the sound of dry leaves scraping across the ground when the wind chases them. I love seeing a mass of leaves floating and swirling on the air as they leave their tree. I love burning apple and spice candles inside while the night folds in around us during the dark time of year.

Much of my work accentuates the ebb and flow of the year as one season gives way to the next. Within that are numerous tokens of our history and culture as well as the beliefs born of legends and myths. Those expressions are in this collection; some new, some revisited or reinterpreted with new techniques and materials.

Spirit of Autumn

Fallen Oak Leaves

Blazing Autumn

It was this time last year that I was secretly working on wire wrapping in order to unveil it for Yule. Just as I was unveiling it, I stumbled upon a metal clay project that made my heart beat faster. This Autumn collection holds the "official" debut of my metal clay work, which is something I spent all year preparing for. It came a little early with a surprise kiln; my initial plan was to unveil it (sneak attack style!) with my Yule 2010 collection, much like I did with wire wrapping in my Yule 2009 collection.

So, here it is! It's a small start, but a start nonetheless. I'm saving some of my more elaborate ideas for when I have mastered a few techniques, and that definitely includes bezel settings, rings, and other secret things! And don't worry; wire wrapping and hand-forged metalwork will not be going anywhere. It's here to stay. :)

Autumn Rustlings

Bramble Patch

Autumn Luciernaga

The rest of the collection (88 items!) is at Elements & Artifacts!

**STAY TUNED! There's a super spooky Halloween collection in the works with a slew of pumpkins, both new and reinterpreted from last year. There's also an AMAZING surprise coming with that collection. :)