On Photography

I have a long background with photography, ranging from an open curiosity while my grandpa developed photos in a bathtub, to the nitty-gritty of fumbling around in a pitch black room while trying to get a perfect spiral wrap on a roll of film so that it would develop properly.

I opened my Etsy account almost five years ago, mostly to sell off a few things that were leftover from jewelry parties and gifts that friends and family asked me to make. My online selling was very casual back then. Even so, I knew that no matter what, photography is key when the buyer can't be there in person to see the item. Photography is the one thing that I'm always trying to improve, and the one thing that will never, ever be perfect. :)

On that note, I recently read a new photography book that gave me a new understanding of lighting and a couple of new setups that I plan to try in the near future. I'm also in the market for a new camera before the end of the year, especially since my current camera keeps doing a death fart every time I use the flash. Luckily, I don't use the flash for my Elements & Artifacts photography, but I do feel it might be on its last legs!