Pretty Indulgent

Last year I was approached by a friend who told me of her upcoming e-tail/retail project, and would I like my jewelry to be sold through her business? Well, of course! Pretty Indulgent is a Canada-based virtual boutique of beautiful and unique items. The site is now live! You will find a medley of artisanal scents, sparkly things, and items that are sure to pamper.

I have created a forged wire earring series called Maison de l' Art Nouveau for Pretty Indulgent. Each creation draws upon the essence of the Art Nouveau artist for which it was named.


I've often spoken of my love of the Art Nouveau movement. The year I spent buried in it while I worked on my design thesis did not tire me of it. The writhing plant forms and smooth filigree curves still draw my eye in as I visually trace where each line is going and where it come from.

Art Nouveau was the first new decorative style of the twentieth century, and the imagery was introduced as "sudden violent curves generated by the crack of a whip". That description led to the term "whiplash" which was often applied to the characteristic qualities of other Art Nouveau designs.

There is often a tension between the decorative and modern expressions of the movement, but most Art Nouveau works hold a strong artistic unity whether they are rooted in strong contrasts, ornate natural forms, or feminine curves and colors.


You can view the Flickr album for this collection here.

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