Yule 2010!

I am very pleased to present my Yule 2010 collection which, because of my tandem preparations for Event California, has inched past 150 new items! This collection plays off of the duality and tension between the cold/wintry and warm/festive aspects of this time of year.

I have woven in a number of new concepts to go along with reinterpretations of old favorites, including a revisit of The Nutcracker, the winter months, Persephone, Aurora Borealis, Stocking Stuffers, blown glass earrings, and many more. There are also many new explorations into the Elements sub-series that seems to be growing within my work.

This collection also sees the one-year mark of the official release of wire work which I picked up with the intent of making it a signature element in my work. Additionally, this collection shows the culmination of this year's work after eight months of soldering and torch work (bezels! ball-ends!), five months of metal clay work (ooh, shiny!), and seven months of tinkering with colored patinas (colorful!). I look forward to further developing my skills with these materials which I love, and I already have goals in sight for next year's work.

Thank you all, so much, for your support. It truly means the world to me.

Please note! I have released my Yule collection before Event California to give you all first crack at everything in it. On November 21, my shop will be put on a two-day hiatus so that I can take my entire inventory to my vending booth at Event California. As always, I am happy to reserve listings in your name if payday is just out of reach and, where possible, I will happily recreate a sold item. I have no idea what Event California has in store for me, so don't let a coveted item get away!

Custom orders are welcomed throughout the holiday season. Please be aware that custom orders take 3-7 business days to complete, or longer if supplies must be ordered for your project. The final safe date for international shipping deadlines (save for Express and Overnight) is December 13. The final safe date for domestic shipping deadlines (save for Express and Overnight) is December 20. Please keep those dates in mind when you order and I will do my best to get everything out in time, gorgeous ribbons and wrapping included, so that it reaches you in time for your holiday of choice. :)

Stay tuned for further details and announcements before the end of the year.