Constellations and the Night Sky

I have a lifelong fascination with astronomy, the stars, the night sky, and even astrology. The inspiration for this entire series, and especially these constellations pendants, goes back to the spring of 2010. On a long middle-of-the-night road trip, I saw the most amazingly clear sky. The stars were so low and bright that the Big Dipper, normally up in the sky, nearly slipped into the horizon. The stars were so tangible and brilliant that it was surreal. By morning, I had a full set of ideas for this series. All of the time between then and now has involved learning new materials and techniques in order to create what I envisioned that night.

With that, I present a few favorites from my Constellations and the Night Sky collection.

in darkness, the stars shine forever

This is also my third installment of the Venus and Cupid series, a passionate and wistful take on the Roman myths and the more modern expressions of Valentine's Day.

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4. To the Moon and Back

That's all for today! The soldering, bezel setting, and keum boo experiments continue at a relaxed pace while I look toward my next jewelry collection and an inked fantasy art series. :)