Sneak Peek!

I have been busy working on photography and editing this week for a mini-collection of jewelry based on Norse Myths!

Within this collection are two hand-sculpted and carved Nordic Runes which feature a touch of metalwork and are finished with two brass eyelets. While only two runes are initially offered, they include a standing offer for custom runes or bind-runes to be created by request.

My work holds a couple of new things this year: style accents of grommets and eyelets, keum-boo, silver gilded with 22K gold, and bronze/copper gilded with silver. Additionally, I am continuing to work with soldered bezels which is really difficult yet extremely rewarding. I have other goals and tricks up my sleeve, but you all know I love to make grand reveals when I'm good and ready with them. ;)

Here are two sneak peeks from Norse Myths which will go up either later today or sometime tomorrow.

Algiz, the Rune of Protection

Alfheim, home to the Light Elves of the Nine Worlds