Sneak Peek! Bezels and Beekeepers

I'm >thisclose< to being completely ready to release my next jewelry collection! As a diversion from the focused work of preparing an update, I am going share some sneak peeks.

Last October and November I began to focus on creating soldered bezel settings for pendants. I posted a preview then of an early practice piece called Light and Dark. Since then I've gradually infused my work with more and more bezels; this update holds some that I'm very excited about! Here are sneak peeks at just a few.

The first is a continuation of my Beekeeper series, a beloved concept that I have reinterpreted enough times over the years that I've lost count of how many I've done. Each time one design sells from my shop, I create a new one.

This setting was a true labor of love, built entirely from scratch and many hours of work. The backplate is a fine silver asymmetrical honeycomb with a light window in the back to allow the light to pass through the stone. I soldered a textured ring onto the back to serve as a bail. At one point I even found myself using a diamond file to re-shape the cabochon because I wanted the corners to be more rounded. I also had to custom shape the bezel wire because the height of the cabochon was not uniform; having a bezel that is too high in some places would mean that it would buckle and pucker rather than lay flat against the stone.

This project was intensive, injurious, and a lot of work. However, the entire time I was working on it I was inspired, excited, and almost reverent. I've poured a lot of myself into my work over the years, but if nothing else, this one is a work of art.

The stone is simbircite, a rare find that I stumbled upon while searching for honey-like cabochons. It is mixed with a natural vein of onyx that is lined by pyrite. The entire piece is truly one of a kind.

This bezel setting was modeled after the backplate stencil that I created for Light and Dark last November, with blue fire rainbow moonstone and scalloped bezel wire.

This last one is the first non-round/oval cabochon I have set, which presented a challenge with bezel-pushing the wire at the top point as well as having a varying height on the cabochon. My favorite part? Playing with sterling gallery wire for the bezel. :)

I will post another sneak peek with some of my upcoming wire wrapped creations, many of which were a fun exploration into past designs of mine. While there are many new designs, a good portion of them are reinterpretations of past designs and/or involved taking two of my designs and smooshing them together to create a third, new design. The results have been very exciting to me!

Keep an eye on my FB Fan Page this week, for a special offer code will be listed there shortly before the update goes live! Are you ready for an early spring? I am! :D