Sneak Peek! Luxe Wire Wrapping and Melded Designs

I'm offering up one more sneak peek before I release my Early Spring collection on Wednesday! It's a welcome diversion from the monotony of uploading each listing to Etsy.

As I created this collection, I noticed a theme emerge. More than usual, I found that I was reinterpreting past designs in new ways and even found myself smooshing past designs together to form a new one. Additionally, I delved further into the extra ornate wire wrapping that I began exploring with Mjollnir and Brisingamen at the very start of this year. Here are a few sneak peeks.

This first one shown is a revisit of Alfheim, the design for which I used as a bounding point for two additional designs beyond this one. Think of it as a variation on a theme. :)

This is one of those designs that ended up as a composite of my past designs. I wanted to continue exploring the wire collars that I began in January and ended up with a cross between The Queen's Astrologer, Wintervine, and (again) a center motif reminiscent of Alfheim. This is Plum Blossom!

These are two of the more ornate, art nouveau-esque wire wrapped pendants that I have set forth and plan to continue!

And lastly, I took my past hidden message pendants and added another layer to create a "book". As you flip the pages, it reads:

although only breath,
which I command
are immortal.