Creatures of the Otherworld

Many, many months ago I began jotting down the names of creatures, sprites, spirits, faeries, and other creatures of the Otherworld which are revealed in various myths and legends. I didn't set out to make this into a jewelry collection, but at some point in time I realized that my mind kept wandering back to my scrawled, chaotic list that took up a corner of my sketch book.

At long last I present the Creatures of the Otherworld!

My offerings vary wildly from collection to collection; I always seek to offer both simple and complex, affordable and extravagant. This series holds a larger balance of artisan level pieces than usual, which I was drawn toward when interpreting some of these magical concepts. Sometimes my inspirations navigate me on their own and this was one of those times.

This first photo is a production shot, taken right after I had finished a very intensive round of metal clay, kiln firings, enameling, stone setting, and patina baths.

Here are a few of my favorites from the collection. The rest are here.