Ocean Myths and Summerwings

I'm very excited to release this revisit of my Ocean and Water Myths collection, almost exactly two years later, with the addition of ornate wire wrapping, metal clay, metalwork, and a few other things that I hadn't yet learned at the original release.

The new techniques could be reason enough for a revisit of a beloved collection, but I have also always had a fierce love of both the ocean and its myths. Plus, I am a Pisces! The ocean and its legends are so timeless and expansive, chaotic yet peaceful, beautiful, mysterious, poetic, and at times sad. I hope you love the new work.

I have also added in part one of my summer collections! This intro collection is called Summerwing. It came about almost on its own as I began to notice a pattern emerging in my own work over many years. This will mark my third year running of both Papillon (butterfly) and Odonata (dragonfly) creations. Along the way, I seem to have picked up other winged creatures: fireflies, bees, fairies, moths, butterflies, and now…an otherworldly phoenix addition.

Enjoy! elementsandartifacts.com