Ocean Myths Sneak Peek!

As many know, I am in the final stages of preparation for a major jewelry update! I will roll out a series of sneak peeks to break the monotony of photo-editing and uploading the information to Etsy.

This is Dione, the water goddess of creation, which was entirely hand sculpted out of fine silver. I used paint brushes to nudge and finess the details.

This is Lorelei, the Mermaid's Hair Fork. There have been many times over the years that I have randomly offered up hair combs or hair sticks in my shop. I thought to myself…why on earth haven't I released any of these now that my main focus is wire work? And so...

Once I see how the photo-editing and uploading process is going, I will make sure to announce an estimated release day and time! There will be at least a couple more sneak peeks before then. :)