Shop Notes

Over the past couple of years, Elements & Artifacts has grown in a way that I never would have expected and I am so grateful for every single inch of support I've been given along the way. Artistic expression is truly my heart and soul.

Recently, I began to ponder making some small changes to my business structure in order to keep a more steady balance among all aspects of my life. One thing that kept coming to mind is custom orders, which come and go in crazy bursts.

As such, I have decided that my custom work will only be available at certain intervals throughout the year. This will allow me to keep a more steady, manageable workflow by having a lighter production schedule during the times I am accepting custom orders, and vice versa. I am closing custom orders at this time and expect to reopen them for a certain duration in the fall.

Additionally, International orders will now be shipped within 5 business days of receipt of payment so that I can consolidate my time spent in the postal line to one weekly trip.

There is plenty of mischief underfoot as I prepare for my next jewelry collection, ponder new art prints, and plan for extra time spent with my daughter who will have many big transitions as her 3rd birthday approaches! Thank you so much for your understanding and support.