BPTP Zodiac Lockets

A year or so ago, I was asked by the Black Phoenix Trading Post to revisit the Clockwork scent locket which I designed for them in 2007. Instead of one design, I was to create twelve new designs on the same theme to represent each sign of the Zodiac. I sought to capture, in some way, the essence of each Zodiac sign from the deep oceanic currents of the Pisces to the golden, fiery 'look at me' sun of the Leo. The designs were then transformed from this:

To these lovely, weighty sterling silver scent lockets with a gold wash on the outer rim and 3mm gemstone bezel settings to represent each sign:

Photos © Diana Ming Jeong,
posted here with permission.

These Zodiac scent lockets, or "zockets", were very limited and sold out almost in the blink of an eye. Puddin of the Trading Post is working on a way to offer more of them in the future. In the meantime, you can view the details and descriptions by browsing the sold items section of their Etsy shop.

Given the limited nature of these I feel incredibly lucky to have snagged my own sun sign, Pisces, as well as the sun signs for husband and my sweet little two-year-old Virgo, who will receive hers many years from now as a surprise gift.