Autumn Sneak Peek!

As myths go, after the Sun God’s triumph at the Summer Solstice, he begins to wane and transfer all of his strength into the food that is harvested for winter. This food is gathered in stages, and so the Sun God dies in stages. As such, this week I will be offering the first of two autumn-related jewelry collections based on various aspects of the harvest, Persephone's descent to the Underworld, the changing light and leaves, and a transitional summer-to-autumn series called Mystic Forest.

The collection is 75 items huge and will go up around mid-week! I will post another round of sneak peeks between now and the release.

Here is The Ambre Lantern, Pumpkin Flower, Bramble Patch bracket bracelet, a revisit of Autumn Sun Mandala with new stones, and one of many leaves from the Autumn Rustlings subseries. Also? There are a ton of earrings in this update. :)