Signal Boost!

I'm going to interrupt my usual progression of art projects to call attention to another artist in a different medium, classical ballet. I've spent the better part of the past sixteen years in a smattering of ballet schools with a smattering of teachers and this man is a truly gifted teacher.

Eric's classes are positive and energetic, with just the right amount of humor woven into the hard work. He offers practical theory to help dancers understand the mechanics behind a step, breaks them down into simpler movements, explains which muscles are used and why, and gives real-life examples or mental imagery to help things click. This multi-layered aspect to Eric's teaching helps new dancers feel less overwhelmed, and helps experienced dancers reach new levels of execution or artistry.

I think Eric is the only ballet teacher I have come across that I would unconditionally recommend to beginners through professionals of every age, and every dancer in between. His approach to teaching is perfect for both the serious dancer and those who want to dip their toe into the water to try ballet for the first time. He is accessible, knowledgable, experienced, kind, and patient. He has a great way of making new students and new dancers feel at ease while adding in extra challenges for experienced dancers to improve their strength and technique. His classes are hard work, but oh so rewarding and fun.

Please check out his new website, Eric Bourman Adult Ballet Classes and his Facebook Fan Page. He has just announced that he will be teaching at Pacific Ballet Academy in the South San Francisco Bay Area in Mountain View, CA.