Behind the Scenes

Most of the time I don't think to take photos of my processes, but this time I did remember! I began gilding last month after many weeks of anticipation. The bonus of this sneak-peek? You can see some of my other Halloween-related wire pendants in progress. This was before they gained their patina, polish, and necklace chains. Yes, this really is quite a production at times. ;)

1. The matte white pieces in the foreground are un-burnished fine silver as it appears when pulled straight from the kiln. The surface is microscopically porous due to the organic binders that burn off in the kiln; the pieces must be smoothed out before they will shine.

2. Shiny! These are the same pieces after being hand burnished with agate. Mirror finish, baby! You can actually see the tip of the wood handle for my bezel pusher, and the little baggies with stones in them are the cabochons which will later be set into the bezels that I formed via soldering.

3. Ah, the stinky bag of gilder's paste! I bought this stuff the very millisecond that I learned of it, and then discovered that my production schedule was so busy that I'd have to wait several weeks to try it. I was dying with impatience. I have several colors that I am saving for use in the winter collections. Mwah ha ha.

4. The surface of this test piece was primed. Since it was a test piece, I went ahead and tried a handful of colors to test their glide and opacity. I immediately fell in love with gilding.

5. This one is called Queen of the Demonweb Pits with antiqued fine silver gilded with antique gold. You can see one of the fleur de lis pendants up in the corner; I released those the moment they were finished because I could not wait any longer.

There are many gilded pendants in my Halloween collection, releasing tomorrow (Tuesday)!