Custom Orders

Custom Orders have been the big thing on everyone's mind ever since I made the decision to close custom work for an interval of time. I have been humbled, and at times overwhelmed, by the sheer number of inquiries I have received in the time since custom orders were closed. It is actually quite astounding. I wish I could say that I have all the time in the world to take every request year-round, but I have been short on both the time and the creative energy it takes to properly complete custom orders on top of my usual workload. This won't last indefinitely!

However, I am very excited to announce that custom orders will temporarily open starting today, Wednesday, November 16th!!! They will remain open through the end of the month or until I need to divert my time and energy back to other projects. I promise to do my best to accept as many requests as possible during this time period without sacrificing the quality of each custom order. Unfortunately, I may not be able to work through every request during this open custom order time period; I hope if you find yourself in that group that you will hold your ideas until the next time around.

There is a slight change to the custom order setup so that I can give each custom piece the attention it deserves and manage my workflow in ways that allow me to batch like items. Please read carefully:

1. Submit your custom order request via Etsy convo only. In that convo please include as many details as possible to summarize your idea for the custom order. Include such details as the metal type, colors/gemstones, and any other special requests you may have. It is extra helpful if you include url links to examples of my past work if your custom idea happens to draw upon designs that have been in my shop at some time or another.

2. I will confirm receipt of your request and will ask follow-up questions if needed. Please note that your request is not a guarantee that I can take on your project, but if your project comes up in the queue while I am accepting custom orders, I will contact you to confirm that you're still committed. Price quotes, turnaround times, and custom listings will be discussed from that point forward.

3. I will take five custom projects at a time for the duration of my open custom order period. As each custom order is finished I will rotate a new custom order into the queue.

4. My turnaround time will vary per project, depending on communication, supplies, and the complexity of the project. Some will take only two business days, others could stretch into a few weeks especially if supplies must be ordered.

Thank you for all of your patience over the past year while I sought to keep my work schedule in check!

Ready, set, go! :)