It's Coming...

Tomorrow is the day! Until then, here is another preview from the Yule/Winter collection.

I am extremely excited to revisit the filigree snowflakes which were part of my grand reveal of ornate wire wrapping exactly two years ago! However, in order to revisit them I wanted to move from the original tutorial that was used into something of my own design.

Here is the past Danagonia version:

The new version is one that took a few sketches and a great deal of thought in order to work out the logistics of the armatures, as well as how to connect them in the most elegant way possible. It is also much more petite, minus about an inch in diameter from the former. I also wanted my version to have a movement and flow; as such, the spirals came into the picture. Here is the end result:

And here are previews for Decembris, The Ice Storm, Winter Rose, and Snow Flurries:

I aim to release everything mid-morning tomorrow, November 2nd. It's just a few days earlier than it was last year, but there are very good reasons for this. You'll see. ;)