Persephone's Choice

So much can be said about the myth of Persephone and the symbols contained within. Like many others, I have been fascinated by the story of Persephone for a very long time. As I grow and change, so do the symbols and meanings that I find within the myth.

This art piece is one that percolated for a couple of years, but the specifics of the illustration recently hit me over the head while I was sitting in traffic of all places. This piece is layered with meaning and personal significance. It draws from my experiences with the Eleusinian Mysteries via ritual theatre, "The Hero with a Thousand Faces" by Joseph Campbell, "The Power of Myth" by Joseph Campbell, "Persephone Unveiled" by Charles Stein, "The Labyrinth" by Catherine M. Valente, my role as a parent and mother, and the constant change and evolution within my personal life and creative work.

Since my creative work so often centers on myths and the ebb and flow of the year, the following quote from The Hero with a Thousand Faces sticks in the forefront of my mind. The author delves into the reasons that people revisit, retell, and add their own creative voice to the myths:

"...while all stories have already been told, this is not a bad thing, since the retelling is still necessary. And while our own life's journey must always be ended alone, the travel is undertaken in the company not only of immediate loved ones and primal passion, but of the heroes and heroines—and myth-cycles—that have preceded us."

At the start of this piece I decided to show it as a work in progress; as such the photos below range from pencil sketch, to ink line, to shaded ink, to french gray shadows, to the final colored piece. It was created on smooth bristol with ink and Prismacolors.

Blank note cards featuring Persephone's Choice will be available tomorrow at Elements & Artifacts! A limited number of 10x13 poster prints on premium paper stock will also be available!