Springtide Preview

Injury? What injury? My spring collection is under wrap despite the issues with my thumb joint! I plan to release Springtide 2012 on Tuesday, March 13 at 10am Pacific!

Last week I rolled out a few early previews on my Facebook page and promised to reveal the surprise subseries that will accompany Springtide: Bee Spirits! My fascination with bees began almost five years ago and my first Beekeeper piece was created for my Etsy shop in 2008. Since then I have revisited the concept dozens of times but they have always been one-offs that were tucked into a larger unrelated update. I'm so excited to finally present a cohesive group of bee-related creations!

Here are previews for Sweet Sting, Nectar, Honey Throne, and Beekeeper's Apprentice. They, along with other bees and bee spirits, will accompany Springtide and an earring subseries called Spring Rhapsody.