Yule/Winter 2012 Preview

Brace yourselves! Here is a major sneak peek into next week's Yule/Winter 2012 collection! While the items in this preview are predominantly cool-toned, there are plenty of warm-toned pieces and a TON of earrings in a collection that is 115+ items! 

I'll announce details for the day/time of the update on Monday along with another major preview! Have a wonderful weekend!

Aurora Borealis 2012

 Dance of the Spirits
mystic quartz daggers

The Frozen Leaf
with a new wire wrapped embellishment drawn from my Solstice Dance pieces

The Ice Storm
dichroic glass layered PMC pendant

Lightbringer Ring
with patterned sterling band

Blue Winter Lotus

Passage of Winter 
with ombre shaded blue sapphires


Winter Forest
with bronze-infused emerald and pyrite

Yule Mandala