Yule/Winter 2012 Collection is here!

I'm very excited to present my Yuletide 2012 collection with over one hundred items! Working on this collection was difficult but rewarding as I sought to express all aspects of the season and festivities. There is also a lightheartedness that comes as this collection signals the close of another creative year of themed collections. 

My winter collection plays off of the duality and tension between the cold/dark and warm/festive aspects of the holidays and winter season. I sought to offer new work and old favorites, and was also afforded the luxury of time to experiment more than usual and learn a new style of wire wrapping, as shown in a recent blog post. I hope you love this year's collection!

Please stay tuned for some BIG announcements later this month! They're good ones and you won't want to miss them! *coughcommissionsandstockingstufferscough*