Secret Admirer Contest!

Tomorrow I will be announcing a variation of my annual Secret Admirer contest on my E&A Facebook Page!

Interested in remakes or custom requests? My queue for March is nearly full with just one or two spots remaining. Details:

I will be fulfilling a handful of remake requests and just a couple of custom requests sometime in March! Please send me an Etsy convo if you 1. know most of the details of what you want including a URL/image if it is a remake, and 2. can be ready to pay in March when I am ready to go. You'll get a week or two of notice with the exact date once it's closer. First come, first served, and your spot won't be saved if you don't present me with details; this is both so I can plan for supplies and so that I don't overcommit myself.

Stay tuned for the contest details!