Autumntide and Moon Spirits 2013

I imagine that many of us are still in the throes of uncomfortable summer heat, but August 1st marks the first harvest festival of Lughnasadh, or the waning point of summer, and many of us are already busy with preparations for the start of the school year which is another signal of the end of summer. At this time, there begins a slow shift from summer growing time to harvest time which, in modern day, is often represented by introspection and reflection on the year's accomplishments.

In mere weeks, the mood and sensation of the year will decidedly shift as the changes in the light from the waning sun become evident. Those of use who love autumn are waiting impatiently for that change in light, that first cool breeze, and the rustle of leaves. 

This year, I sought to expand my focus on metalwork in addition to the metal clay and wire wrapping that dominate my work. Some concepts remain, yet the inspiration and execution has changed—sometimes drastically. Gorgeous autumn! This year's collection is full of leaves and filigree vines, gnarled roots, dried leaves, shaded gems, and warm autumn hues. 

I have also included a collection of hand-picked Moon Spirits: goddesses, moon myths, dream guides, and phases of the moon. The moon theme seems fitting when paired with autumn, a time of introspection and reflection. 


Stay tuned for details on the annual Elements & Artifacts anniversary celebration in September! This one is going to be bigger and badder than in previous years and I've gone overboard with new work and new swag!