The E&A Yuletide 2013 Collection is here!

I'm very excited to present my Yuletide 2013 collection with nearly one hundred new items! Working on this collection was challenging and rewarding as I sought to express various aspects (and budgets!) of the winter season and its festivities. There is also a lightheartedness that comes as this collection signals the close of another creative year of themed collections.  

My winter collections play off of the duality and tension between the cold/dark and warm/festive aspects of the winter season and its holidays. This year I added in several new metalwork and wire experiments. I interpreted new winter myths and reinterpreted old winter myths with new perspective. I hope you love this year's collection!

Pictured Above: Rusalka, Icicles, Blessed Yule, Sinterklaas Says Naughty, Snowflakes, Emerald Garlands, and Pyracantha.

Stay tuned for the annual stocking stuffers and Holiday Madness sale later this month! Details and previews will be posted here and on Facebook when the release is nigh. This one will hold nearly all-new offerings and an option that has never before been offered at E&A! I know, so mysterious. You’ll find out soon. :)