E&A Autumntide 2014 and Shakespeare!

This year’s August collection brings both an exciting Shakespeare collaboration and a much lighter tone to autumn than is usual for my work. I chose to make a stronger division between the waning summer and early autumn….and the chilly, dark autumn that comes later in the year.

Although many of us are still in the throes of uncomfortable summer heat, the start of August marks the first harvest festival or waning point of summer. Many of us are already busy with preparations for the new school year which is another signal that the end of summer is near. There begins a slow shift from summer growing time to harvest time which, in modern day, is often represented by introspection and reflection of the year’s accomplishments. 

In mere weeks, the mood and sensation of the year will decidedly shift as the changes in the light from the waning sun become evident. Those of us who love autumn are waiting impatiently for that change in light, that first cool breeze, and the rustle of leaves! 

I want to explain the collaboration that I’ve been so excited to present! Last year Stephanie, my dear friend since at least 2nd grade, approached me with an idea for a collaboration between my concept jewelry and her vast knowledge of all things Shakespeare. My schedule didn’t permit it to happen right away, but that gave us extra time to really dig into the presentation of this collection. (Here's an old backstage photo of us during a Night of Theatre community performance; she was one of the Three Witches from Macbeth and I was in a separate skit as the Lady in White from Les Miserables.) 

This Shakespeare collection was easily the most intensive creative process I’ve undergone since my thesis. I was buried in it for weeks just doing basic research & development for sketches—and Steph even laid all the groundwork for me! 

Stay tuned for details on the annual Elements & Artifacts anniversary celebration in September! I’m already very excited about several things!