Amāre 2016

The new Amāre collection is live at Elements & Artifacts! In the past this collection has been focused on various love myths and legends, especially the story of Cupid and Venus. While some of those pieces are still in the mix, I have branched out to nature to include various love spirits, nymphs, and dryads. I also revisited the Muses with new designs and interpretations. 


Since the first collection of each year is smaller due to my holiday break, I tend to use this time to branch out into new materials or techniques. This time, for the first time ever, I wanted to see what happened when I focused on rings. Sometimes it's so nice to have a small, simple statement ring to wear. :)


My schedule has been tricky with the addition of school and pre-requisite courses, but I have some BIG PLANS for my jewelry this year and I'm excited to execute some of my ideas with my ever-evolving design aesthetic.