Summer Enchantments

I'm excited to announce my Summer Enchantments collection! It's been an intense but vibrant few months and, more often than not, I was working longer hours but getting less time dedicated toward creating jewelry. School was the biggest factor, but there were also art/design projects and weekly volunteer time related to my daughter's school. The result? Pure chaos! As such, this collection is bridging the gap between my usual spring and summer collections. 

What I found, though, when I let go of my usual production schedule and timelines is that I can really lean in to the work I'm creating. It's more intentional. The designs are pondered a bit more. The gems are more carefully weighed for specific pieces. It's been a wonderful discovery and I'm excited to continue in this capacity as I continue spinning plates in other areas of my life. One thing is certain, though: I'm not letting this creative outlet go and I plan to carry it through whatever the next years bring, allowing it to ebb and flow with my life. 

This collection was focused mostly on metalwork: mastering soldering techniques to allow for more complex construction of silver. I've always done wire wrapped "sun" mandalas, so most of what's in this collection is a continuation on the same theme along with the typical expressions and colors of the summer season. 

These are available at Elements & Artifacts

My next collection is already taking shape. :)