Anniversaries and Transitions

October is the cusp between the official anniversary of Elements & Artifacts, my conceptual metalwork and wire jewelry business, and the anniversary of my official transition of such creations from hobby to business. I'm at 9 years and 12 years, respectively. It's difficult to encompass the myriad ways this has served me personally, professionally, creatively, or intellectually. I've even grown in ways I had not anticipated—in areas such as communication, marketing, accounting, and learning annoying new tax laws. 

This year these anniversaries are bittersweet, because although I do not intend to drop this creative work, it has been difficult to find time to create my own art or even strike a school/life balance while adjusting to my first semester of graduate school. My coming semester break will be spent in my workshop as a measure of self care, but in the meantime I am transitioning this blog, enabling it to capture my art therapy adventures, projects, and personal artwork in addition to more Elements & Artifacts creations.

Pictured below are glimpses into my workshop, a typical view of my workbench, macro photography setup, a corner of my desk, and yours truly in metalwork safety gear. The second photo shows the way art supplies for school have encroached on my metalwork setup! So far they coexist just fine, but it's a delicate balance and a tight fit.