E&A Spring Botanical Garden!

I'm excited to preview the next collection at E&A! This one focuses on simple yet elegant metalwork designs, cast sterling blossoms and leaves, and wire work. I've revisited a few old spring favorites and have added in the four Guardians of the Sky and a smattering of botanicals. 

The new collection will go live at elementsandartifacts.com on Wednesday, March 18th at 10am Pacific!

E&A Springtide 2014 and I Dreamt of the Stars!

I’m very excited to release this huge set of new work for two distinct collections: Springtide 2014 and I Dreamt of the Stars. The latter takes a new direction from past star-laden work with silk wrap bracelets, just-discovered gemstones, new metalwork techniques, and star charts such as the 1764 Messier’s Comet map of Deep-Sky Objects, Flammsteid’s celestial engraving, and the 1754 Gabriel Ramirez map of the stars and constellations. 

March is finally here, so of course spring has come to Elements & Artifacts in anticipation of the Spring Equinox. I sought to update and refine my usual offerings with more simple yet elegant expressions of the season, vivid greens, and colorful blooms.