E&A Spring Botanical Garden!

I'm excited to preview the next collection at E&A! This one focuses on simple yet elegant metalwork designs, cast sterling blossoms and leaves, and wire work. I've revisited a few old spring favorites and have added in the four Guardians of the Sky and a smattering of botanicals. 

The new collection will go live at elementsandartifacts.com on Wednesday, March 18th at 10am Pacific!

E&A Halloween Haunt/Dark Autumn Preview!

This album previews items from the upcoming E&A Halloween Haunt/Dark Autumn collection which goes live on Wednesday, September 10th at 10:00AM Pacific! This month marks almost 9 years of selling on Etsy with 6 of those years officially as Elements & Artifacts! SWAG, SWAG, and more SWAG will be previewed early next week!

E&A Autumntide 2014 and Shakespeare!

This year’s August collection brings both an exciting Shakespeare collaboration and a much lighter tone to autumn than is usual for my work. I chose to make a stronger division between the waning summer and early autumn….and the chilly, dark autumn that comes later in the year.

Although many of us are still in the throes of uncomfortable summer heat, the start of August marks the first harvest festival or waning point of summer. Many of us are already busy with preparations for the new school year which is another signal that the end of summer is near. There begins a slow shift from summer growing time to harvest time which, in modern day, is often represented by introspection and reflection of the year’s accomplishments. 

In mere weeks, the mood and sensation of the year will decidedly shift as the changes in the light from the waning sun become evident. Those of us who love autumn are waiting impatiently for that change in light, that first cool breeze, and the rustle of leaves! 

I want to explain the collaboration that I’ve been so excited to present! Last year Stephanie, my dear friend since at least 2nd grade, approached me with an idea for a collaboration between my concept jewelry and her vast knowledge of all things Shakespeare. My schedule didn’t permit it to happen right away, but that gave us extra time to really dig into the presentation of this collection. (Here's an old backstage photo of us during a Night of Theatre community performance; she was one of the Three Witches from Macbeth and I was in a separate skit as the Lady in White from Les Miserables.) 

This Shakespeare collection was easily the most intensive creative process I’ve undergone since my thesis. I was buried in it for weeks just doing basic research & development for sketches—and Steph even laid all the groundwork for me! 

Stay tuned for details on the annual Elements & Artifacts anniversary celebration in September! I’m already very excited about several things! 

Springtide and Creatures of the Otherworld Preview, Part 2

I'm very excited to share the second of two major previews into my Springtide and Creatures of the Otherworld collections! They will both be released on Wednesday, March 6th, at 11am Pacific.

This preview focuses on the Springtide portion of the release with Eos Goddess of the Dawn, Maius, Aprilus, Gathering Flowers, The Beekeeper, Kore's Garden, Electric Lotus, The Spring Bulb's Advent, Spring Grass, Martius, Ostara's Blessing, and Kraneiai Spirit of the Cherry Tree.

These two collections grew quite large at nearly 100 items including a significant number of earrings. See you on Wednesday!

Springtide and Creatures of the Otherworld Preview, Part 1

I'm very excited to share the first of two major previews into my Springtide and Creatures of the Otherworld collections! They will both be released on Wednesday, March 6th, at 11am Pacific.

This preview focuses on the Otherworld collection with Titania, Elemental Sylph, Creatures of the Otherworld, Water Sprite, Flame Bird, Fire Drake, Vila Queen, Leanan Sidhe, Spirit of the Forgotten Forest, The Seelie Court, and The Valkyrie Guide.

Enjoy! And stay tuned!

Yule/Winter 2012 Collection is here!

I'm very excited to present my Yuletide 2012 collection with over one hundred items! Working on this collection was difficult but rewarding as I sought to express all aspects of the season and festivities. There is also a lightheartedness that comes as this collection signals the close of another creative year of themed collections. 

My winter collection plays off of the duality and tension between the cold/dark and warm/festive aspects of the holidays and winter season. I sought to offer new work and old favorites, and was also afforded the luxury of time to experiment more than usual and learn a new style of wire wrapping, as shown in a recent blog post. I hope you love this year's collection!

Please stay tuned for some BIG announcements later this month! They're good ones and you won't want to miss them! *coughcommissionsandstockingstufferscough*


Elements & Artifacts Halloween 2012 and Anniversary Celebration!

I am very excited to present my Halloween 2012 and Queen of Witches collection! Autumn is hands-down my favorite season and Halloween one of my favorite holidays and I am once again marking the anniversary of Elements & Artifacts with a celebration!

Elements & Artifacts turns four this month! I am also just shy of seven years of selling on Etsy! When I unveiled Elements & Artifacts and its conceptually themed creations, I had no idea it would grow and evolve in so many amazing ways. Thank you all for your excitement, referrals, feedback, comments, and support over the years. Every single thing means so much to me and your support enables me to continue this intensely creative work. 

To celebrate, I am offering the following celebrations which are valid now through September 30, 2012:

1. Every order will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win one exclusive 50% OFF coupon code*, good on any one order (excluding custom work) through the end of 2012. 
2. Every order will be entered into a drawing for a chance win one exclusive pair of wire wrapped gemstone earrings*
3. While supplies last, every order will receive a FREE unreleased Spook-O-Ween blank note card. It was created this summer with ink, ebony pencil, and Prismacolor pencils on smooth bristol. I wanted to revisit the symbols and tropes of Samhain and Halloween in a fun, spooky cute way. I hope you like it!

4. Every package will include a secret coupon code. The discount can be used on any orders placed through the end of 2012. 
5. Domestic orders of $50 or more will automatically be upgraded from First Class to Priority at no extra cost. 

Thank you, once again, for all your love and support over the years! Enjoy your September, welcome Autumnal Equinox, and bring on the magic of Halloween! :D

*The two giveaway winners will be announced here and on Facebook on October 1st!


Halloween Preview: Spook O' Ween!

The Halloween 2012 and Queens of Witches collection will go live on Tuesday, September 4th at 11 AM Pacific Time! I will be celebrating four years of E&A and seven years of selling on Etsy by offering a September full of shipping upgrades, secret coupon codes, an exclusive FREE note card with new artwork titled "Spook-O-Ween", and two end-of-month giveaways! 

Here are sneak previews for Halloween Night, Bewitched Halloween Leaf, Dead Man's Hand, All Hallow's Eve, the NEW 2012 version of the E&A Sugar Skull, and Burial Shroud.

There are almost 150 items in this year's Halloween update: Queens of Witches, classic Halloween and Samhain themes, spider demons and goddesses, ghosts and haunts, chilling bones, spooky skulls and skeletons, winged bats, ancient fossils, iridescent leaves, haunted carnivals, vined pumpkins, Trick or Treat earrings, and so much more!

I'm so very excited to release the Kraken Halloween collection! Be ready! :D

Halloween Preview: Queens of Witches!

I'm so excited to present this year's Halloween collection, which will go live with my September anniversary celebration for Elements & Artifacts!

This is the first of many previews and features items from my subseries Queens of Witches with Angitia the snake charming sorceress, Ferronia the fire witch, Asteria the ruler of the night, Morgana le Fey, Lamashtu, The Badbh, and Nicnevin.

Stay tuned for a details-specific announcement for the update timing, the anniversary swag and giveaways, and more previews! All news will be posted here and on my Facebook Fan Page!